Wednesday, July 04, 2007

LOL Hamster

They try to keep me in, but I can always find a way out!

H/T: lolhamster.


Unknown said...

Ah man! I hate jail breaks! There's always so much paperwork involved with it.... :)

Hope ya have a happy and safe Holiday.

Jacob the Syrian Hamster said...

I was hoping you'd show up to comment on this one. :-)

Rose said...

My kids came running in yelling, "Mom! There's a WILD hamster in the backyard! We saw him! He was peeking out of his hole!"

"Hamtaro" the wild hamster/gopher is now receiving offerings of carrots, strawberries and grapes, and yes, he does poke his head out, and he takes the offerings back into his hole. He is pretty cute. Maybe a distant cousin? Not sure the neighbors are going to be too happy with our new pet. :)

Scribbit said...

I'm afraid that's why we got rid of Hinckley. Too many escapes. When he chewed on my new carpet that was the limit.