Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Twitter Matters

... because, for the well-off, their bellies are full and they're safe.

We've got 3% growth, 4.1% unemployment and the stock market is going crazy. ISIS is getting blasted off the map and there aren't any serious existential threats out there. I think that's why the elites worry about trivia like who said what to whom on Twitter and whether or not Shakespeare is inflicting whiteness on wealthy, privileged college students.

Our political leaders, media talking heads, pundits and entertainers are behaving like a pack of catty, teenage girls because there really isn't anything seriously wrong in their lives. Since our society has split into two bubbles, as far as they're concerned, the Twitter Wars are important.

If they spent some time hanging out in less savory neighborhoods, they might talk about more than just feeding koi.

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