Saturday, November 04, 2017

Ritual Denunciations Of Hallucinations

... is what I'm seeing a lot these days.

I'm becoming more and more convinced that progressives are Nazis without ambition. When I read the news or Twitter rants from the left and I substitute "Jews" for "Whites" and "Germans" for "people of color," including all of the different variations of each, it looks just like something out of Der Sturmer.

The analogy breaks down in one important area. In the 1930s, there really were Jews in positions of power in Germany. In 2017, there aren't any white supremacists even in positions of moderate power in America. Outside of a couple hundred nuts who get more play than a really funny cat video, I can't think of any white supremacists anywhere. Can you?

Find me a white supremacist who is a publisher, bank CEO, corporate CFO, Hollywood studio executive, published academic, beloved sports figure, prominent politician or well-known artist. Find me someone who gets any serious air time at all where any journalist interviews them with respect and real interest in what they have to say. I can't think of one.

Meanwhile, we have the progressives screaming that whiteness is a threat to the planet and white supremacists are everywhere. On the right, every time the topic comes up, the conservative pundit or politician engages in ritual denunciations of white supremacists as their very first utterances. There is not an ounce of public support for them from anyone, anywhere.

What's going on? I would suggest that this is frantic, desperate, wishful thinking on the left. Without the boogieman of white supremacy, their entire cultural ideology collapses. They own almost every media organ in the country from the news sites to Hollywood to academia. With those trumpeting their message of the gigantic threat from white supremacists, they have achieved what the Nazis could only achieve through murder and imprisonment.
The Nazi Party’s overarching policy was described by the term Gleichschaltung, denoting the effort to bring all German culture, religious practice, politics, and even daily life into strict conformity with Nazi ideology. It was a policy of total control of thought, belief, and practice and entailed the systematic eradication of all anti-Nazi elements in the country.
But it's all nonsense, even more nonsense than what the Nazis decried. There's no one out there to round up and imprison. You can't have a Kristallnacht because there's no one to attack. How long can you maintain a national movement against wraiths?

Make no mistake, I am completely against wraiths and their nauseating ideology.

Update: The wraiths are taking it on the chin at Reed College.
An anti-racism student group at one of America's most liberal colleges entered the 12th day of an administrative building occupation Friday...

“We believe that the first lesson that freshmen should learn about Hum 110 is that it perpetuates white supremacy — by centering ‘whiteness’ as the only required class at Reed,” reads a RAR (Reedies Against Racism) declaration delivered to all new students, the Atlantic reported.


Kelly the little black dog said...

As you said to me one, I despair of you.

K T Cat said...

I engaged in a Twitter debate over this concept this weekend with three progressives. They did not offer a single substantive point, nor did they respond to anything about family breakdown. Instead, they yelled "Racist!" over and over and came up with insane conspiracy theories including yelling that the Koch brothers were Nazis and the Federalist was a Nazi publication. When I pointed out both were essentially libertarian, the antithesis of the Nazis, they yelled that all Nazis lie. When I pointed out that the Nazis told everyone in clear terms what they believed, as do the modern American White Supremacists, they fell back on charges of racism and conspiracies.

The last two tweets to me were nearly direct copies of a paragraph I had found in Der Sturmer the day before. They couldn't have made my point better if I had fed them their lines.