Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Seriously, Stop Teasing The Lion

From my last post on this topic.
One thing we know about Trump is that he gets revenge when he feels wronged. Apparently, today's indictments from Mueller were against Paul Manafort for tax fraud and other odds and ends, but that's not the point. If Trump decides he's had enough and it's time to go nuclear on the Democrats, there is practically no limit to what a team of prosecutors can find to indict Hillary and her goons. It would be a fire that swept through the Clinton allies, the DNC and all their cronies to rival the one that scorched central California recently.
From today's WSJ.
Late Monday, the Justice Department told the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Robert Goodlatte (R., Va.), that Mr. Sessions had directed “senior federal prosecutors” to evaluate other Russia-related issues related to former Democratic presidential candidate Mrs. Clinton, which Rep. Goodlatte and other lawmakers had asked about. The letter said the prosecutors would make recommendations “as to whether any matters not currently under investigation should be opened.”
Like the Puppy Blender says, we've got the worst political class ever. These people are so stupid that they probably put on their shoes and socks in that order.
I tried to warn you.
Addendum: Hillary was never pardoned for any of the multitude of crimes associated with her email server. There was a decision not to prosecute, but that can be reversed. It's not just her. Here's what I wrote over a year ago about the emails.
So Hillary received a bunch of Secret and Top Secret emails on her Unclassified server. There's an air gap between the networks which means that someone had to deliberately, physically move data from one network to another to get it to Hillary's server. Intentionally moving data from a higher classification level to a lower one is a crime. Period.
A lot of people are in serious jeopardy here.


Anonymous said...

So Sessions (a Republican) appointed Mueller (a Republican) as special prosecutor and Trump has the ability to fire him, and never would have been in this position absent his own specious firing of Comey. It's not like the left has any control over Mueller. This lion is biting his own foot and then making outraged tweets about his sore paw.

And what is to fear? If he goes after Hillary, his regime looks more and more like some Mickey Mouse banana republic. Let's say they convict Hillary, or one of the Podestas. It's not like they are removing Aaron Rogers from the Packers. The Grognards of the Democratic party are much of what is wrong with it, they will not be missed. Meanwhile the Republicans are wasting their legislative window by holding this three ring circus, their power is clearly going to wane after the midterms.

Foxfier said...

Kinda stuck in the "it's rude to say someone is rude" trap.


Hope they fix vote fraud, or at least take steps, before nuking stuff.

K T Cat said...

Anon, as Obama showed us with the weaponization of large swaths of the Federal government, the president can launch attacks on his political enemies in an almost offhand manner. The government is huge, pervasive and has nearly limitless resources. Spending a few dozen prosecutors taking out Clinton, Inc and all their cronies would be small potatoes in terms of the overall reach and might of the state. Once launched, it would be an afterthought for the president. The press and the Democrats would go bananas, of course, but that's part of the hideous charm of the thing. They'd drain precious resources defending a criminal enterprise while Trump wandered off to do other things.

Sort of like what Obama did to the Tea Party.