Monday, November 06, 2017

Kelp Forest Cruise

We went diving on Saturday. This time we did a boat dive off of Point Loma. The water was a bit murky, but I found a little bit of nice footage amongst what I shop and it's embedded below. This particular kelp forest looked like a Dr. Seuss forest - long stalks with a ball of leaves at the top. The fish weren't particularly plentiful, but it was still nice to be in the water.

It had been a while for all of us so the first of the two dives was really a re-orientation exercise. I didn't bring the camera on the first one, but instead concentrated on getting use to diving again. The second dive was a lot more relaxed and fun. I left the video hi-res, so hopefully it will be worthwhile. If not, it's not too long so it will be over before you know it. Enjoy!

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