Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Casey Stengel, Robert Mueller And The NFL

"Can't anybody here play this game?" - Casey Stengel talking about his dreadful 1962 Mets team.

Mueller and the Democrats

All of the K-Street, lobbyist insiders knew that Manafort was a crook. They knew it because they were crooks right along with him. The Podestas, probably the most connected family in Washington not named Clinton were in bed with the guy, getting Russian money to bribe Hillary and Obama so the Russians could pick up Uranium One. Why didn't they squash the whole Trump-Russia frenzy? "Ixnay on the Ussiaray!" was all they needed to whisper in the right political and media ears, but they didn't, they joined the mob calling for more and more hearings which were practically guaranteed to lead right back to them.

Can't anybody here play this game?


Good Lord, is it so hard to keep out of things that don't relate to your business? The sport is on the decline so you decide to call the core of your customer base racists? All they had to do was apply their existing rules and put an end to the politics on the field, but no, they had to take a "principled" stand, one they didn't take for the murdered Dallas cops. Now their ratings are much lower.

Can't anybody here play this game?

I had one more example - madness from academia, but that's almost cliche now.

What strikes me about all of these cases isn't the partisanship, but the professional incompetence. They can't execute the simplest tasks of their jobs. Lobbyist insiders shouldn't be running around, begging for investigations into themselves. A sports league shouldn't get into politics. These are basic things, not Bill-Belichickian acts of brilliant subterfuge and subtlety.

Is simple competence too much to ask?

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