Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Disadvantage Of Owning The Culture

.. as the progressives do is that when you have a widespread epidemic of corruption and perversion, your side is going to take most of the hits.

Today we learned that reliable progressive mouthpiece, Matt Lauer, a bland, interchangeable digit if ever there was one, was attacking women. Yay! Another miscreant brought low! Whoops, he's one of ours, boys. Again.

Owning the culture worked well when you could post lectures to the normals by movie stars and have them avoid criticism on late night TV and in the news media because of political homogeneity, but it's a real liability now. Try watching this and not laughing at them.

An eminent degree! An unfit candidate!


Well, it was a nice run while it lasted.

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ligneus said...

Lots of lefties believe that the Electoral College was designed as a safeguard against an unfit President taking office. Common sense tells you that if that were so, why bother with elections at all, just let the EC pick who they think it should be. It's another instance of their smug self righteousness. I have to point out to these highly educated people, me, who quit school at 15 to work on the farm, that if it were decided by the popular vote then the candidates would campaign differently. Simple basic common sense, yet it passes them by.