Monday, August 26, 2013

Reality Is Optional

Dig this bit from an insane article in Der Spiegel.
Intersex people, that is, those who are born neither exclusively male nor exclusively female, form one of the most invisible groups in our society. Contrary to popular belief, this has little to do with their supposed rarity and more to do with the violence our society inflicts upon those who don't conform to binary and mutually exclusive "male" and "female" categories.
The rest is equally crazy.
Umm, guys? You might want to look at this.
My favorite part is not the chart above that shows how Germans have completely detached themselves from the reality of reproduction, but how a bunch of "science-based" secularists have gone off the deep end when it comes to an essential aspect of biology.

If they were talking about some animal they were studying, say, Ernst the Polar Bear (who was at this moment drowning because of Global Warming Climate Change), they would tell you Ernst was a male. They wouldn't tell you that Ernst was of indeterminate gender and still searching for his sexual identity.

So while the rest of the world goes on with life, making babies, caring for their young, raising the next generation of polar bears, spiders, Mexican feather grass or what have you, German intellectuals are objecting to the whole notion of sexual identification to ever smaller classrooms of Kinder.

Good luck with that.


tim eisele said...

An interesting thing about that graph: they all started dropping in 1970-75, bottomed out around 1995-2000, and are all now creeping back up again.

You know what I think happened? I think that we used to be selecting for people with at least one of two traits: (1) A desire for children, to the point where they needed to have children in order to be happy, and/or (2) A desire for sex so strong that they were willing have sex regardless of consequences, even if it meant that they would have kids.

But then, when birth control became common in the '70s, the people with only the second trait mostly stopped having kids. A higher proportion of children were then born because their parents wanted them, and not just because they were accidental byproducts of sex.

So, moving forward past 1995, we have now hit a period where the people of child-bearing age were mostly born to parents who actually wanted children, rather than merely tolerating them as an unavoidable byproduct of sex. These people have tended to inherit the desire for children from their parents, and so will mostly decide to have children themselves. As a result, birthrates start to trend up again as we get more of what we are selecting for.

After a couple of generations of this, we will have a world where people will be driven by a desire to have children for their own sake, instead of mainly being driven by an insatiable desire to have sex and damn the consequences.

Give it some time, and I think birthrates will trend back up to replacement rate over the next couple of decades, and things will shake out just fine.

Doo Doo Econ said...

Here is a video from France with English subtitles that describes how Islamic supremacists are ransacking houses, terrorizing whites and stoning pregnant western women leading to lost babies. For Real: