Monday, August 05, 2013

A Family Google Account

Within the Catican Compound, there are 6 adults (or almost-adults) who live here at least part-time. Coordinating schedules and sharing information may seem easy in this age of ubiquitous smartphones, but it's still been a problem for us. To deal with that issue, we created a family account on Google last night. Everyone gets access and we can all add things that affect the others to the calendar. The calendar then gets shared to our personal accounts, so we always know what's up with each other. This will include college schedules, vacation planning, soccer practice and game information, etc.

Another cool thing is that we can use Google Docs to make sure information gets shared. No more wondering if the email was received or the right information was there. Instead, we can check to see if we gave everyone the right info and correct it if it was wrong or needs to be updated.

I'm hoping this is going to make it easier to plan things and keep up to date.

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B-Daddy said...

Good luck. Tried some of that with family care for my parents. People have to use it. Not saying it won't work, but some folks didn't seem up to the challenge.