Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Professor Pepper Schwartz Needs To Watch Some East Cleveland Street Fights

... and maybe take some math and finance classes, too.

So Miley Cyrus went full porno on MTV. You can find her performance on YouTube. I watched about 3 minutes of it. The word appalling doesn't do it justice. By the end, I was thinking that anyone involved in any way with that Caligulan piece of trash should have all government benefits taken away, permanently, including social security. Everyone watching it for real at home should have their benefits taken away, too. If you want to live like that, fine, but expecting the rest of us to take care of you is not OK.

My fiscal dream will come true long before Miley's teddy bear orgy one.

Professor Schwartz, a highly decorated veteran of academian bubblery, penned a piece of fantasy wherein she recommends that we all just get over Miley Cyrus' antics and use the event as a way to counsel our kids. Great idea, Pepper. I'm sure the single moms out there will get right on it.

This, of course, is another piece of fantasy. The Pepster isn't writing for the single moms nor anyone else below the poverty line. She's writing for her peers in the Academy where the walls are high and the security guards numerous. Out in the, err, less savory parts of town, there are fewer people interested in what she has to say, but plenty whose daily intellectual intake includes Miley Cyrus and far, far worse. With predictable results.

The ultimate fantasy from Pepperoni is that she thinks she can sip her lattes, discuss Miley's marketing strategy with other charming, erudite elites (who all hold the Proper Opinions) and then find her car where she parked it because the impoverished Miley-watchers are staying where they belong and not victimizing her or her other betweeded comrades from the University.

Good luck with that.

Pepper ought to take a little time to read some history. Maybe some financial history. I don't know, like maybe any financial history where a country pays its bills with printed money while engaging in large-scale moral debauchery. When the bills finally have to be paid, the Mileyites in the hood won't be helping Pepper with the tab, they'll be helping themselves to Pepper's goodies. After all, that's what people like Pepper, who sneer at traditional morality ("I don't think we are ever going to get our teenagers and young adults back in saddle shoes"), have taught them to do.

You've got your concealed carry permit already, don't you Pepps?

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