Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Assad Will Claim Victory

As I understand it, we're going to bomb Syria to punish them for using chemical weapons against the rebels, but not to destabilize or topple the regime. In effect, we're acting as NFL referees here. Assad's team Illegally Used Chemical Weapons resulting in a 23 Cruise Missile penalty and Loss of Airplanes.

Or something like that.
Meanwhile Assad will broadcast to his loyalists and allies that he withstood the might of the Crusaders and still stands, defiant and faithful to Islam and the Arabs. Of course, as B-Daddy argues, toppling the regime would be even worse than not toppling it, so there's that to consider. I'm still trying to figure out what we get out of the whole deal other than smug, self-satisfaction.

I swear, this administration never left the faculty lounge.


B-Daddy said...

Thanks for the link. Sectarian conflict will continue.

tom said...

I keep seeing the World Cop v. No-American-Interest arguments. There's no direct interest, just as there's no direct interest in my neighbors getting divorced. There are secondary effects though.

I was reading an article on Dwight Eisenhower and apparently his preferred technique was to use covert operations to rough up both sides without getting particularly involved. Probably too much to expect from this administration though.

Doo Doo Econ said...

We get the media to stop talking about Mark Levin's book, Egypt, "Phony" scandals, ObamaCare falling apart and the economy.

K T Cat said...

Wag the Dog, eh?