Friday, January 25, 2013

I Love Hillary

... because of moments like this. The whole concept of government accountability is simply alien to her*. Alien as in, "not part of her Universe in any way, shape or form" alien.

How dare you suggest I was lying when I was lying! What difference does it make whether I lied? I should be able to lie at will, Senator! At will! And if the press isn't bothered by this, you shouldn't be bothered, either! You are all but worms under my heel!


* - This is a natural outgrowth of their ideology. Fascists have this problem in spades.


Unknown said...

Sorry. I thought the ability to lie and then act offended when caught in the act was a pre-requisite for being a politician.

Political party is irrelevant.

Doo Doo Econ said...


If that is the case, their liars are better than our liars. Ours seem to be naive and altruistic. The left is concentrated on deception at all levels.

Unknown said...

DDE - I can't disagree with you on that. I thought I was pretty talented at spreading "Bovine Feces". I'm but a rank amateur compared to these folks.

Ilíon said...

No matter what the venue or subject matter, when someone begins to ask himself "rhetorical questions", as Clinton does at the beginning of this clip, you can be sure, with a high degree of confidence, that that person is about to deliver himself up a steaming load of bullshit.