Saturday, January 05, 2013

How Much Do You Know About Michael Tomasky?

I'm in a hurry this morning, but I wanted to toss this one out in partial response to this blog post by WC Varones on the collaboration of the Fourth Estate with Obama's Peronist Administration. I want to posit what I think is the proper response to their propagandizing.

Mr. Tomasky has posted a piece in the Daily Beast describing how President Obama can "win" the upcoming debt ceiling fight. It's filled with sophisticated political strategems and shrewd analyses.

So what?

Unless Mr. Tomasky has inherited a pile of money or he's got a second career outside of journalism, the dude's going to be in a world of hurt in a very short while. Forget the politics, just focus on the money. Michael and the rest of us currently owe this much:
Learn more about us debt.

That's not someone else's debt, that's ours.

What's his plan for paying off his share? If he thinks he can soak the rich, he ought to look at Senator John Kerry's decision to house his luxury yacht away from Massachusetts' enormous taxes. If the True Believers among the idle rich aren't paying Mike's share, what makes him think anyone else will?

What happens in Mike's world as the Fed continues to monetize over a trillion dollars of debt each year?

In short, when will Mike start writing articles with Mike's best interests at heart? Does he want President Obama to "win" the debt ceiling fight?

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Mostly Nothing said...

The big problem with having a debate with many of these people is that facts and reality do not matter in the least.