Friday, September 14, 2012

Think Locally, Act Globally

We're going to save the world, don't you know. California will prevent Global Warming and we'll support the Arab Spring and bring freedom to all. It matters not whether India and China participate in reducing greenhouse gasses or if Islamists in Cairo attack our embassy, we will change the world while everyone else does whatever it is they do in those silly, little countries outside of our borders.

We are the only ones that matter.

Dig this.

The delusional self-regard of this whole farce is what struck me when I watched this, particularly as Kirstin Powers (a progressive herself) talked about how Mitt's statements have overshadowed the hoisting of Islamic flags over American embassies. It's the self-esteem movement gone mad. We are the ones we've been waiting for. They are the ones whose actions mean nothing.

One of the most important states in the Middle East, Egypt, is devolving into another America-hating cesspit of crazed Islamofascists and the press is focusing on Mitt's statements. Makes sense. He's an American and it's all about our politics. Those little ant-like beings on other side of the globe are irrelevant.

... regardless of anything that is going on outside of my little world.

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