Friday, September 21, 2012

No Homework And Grading For Effort Gets You ...

Dean has the explanation and a follow-up if you haven't seen it already.
After visiting my daughter's high school on Wednesday night where everyone gets an A for effort because no effort is required, none of this should be a surprise. The arc of socialist failure can take 30-40 years to trace its way from initial experiment to inevitable crash meaning that generations grow up in the cuddly embrace of an ever-decaying government.

Jim Messina, likely a product of a school system like our own, is smiling above because he thinks he can have things because he wants them and nothing needs to be earned.

Were I to meet the lad, I'd tell him this: "Jimmy, my boy, you may have what you want and show your compassion by handing out all the benefits you like. Well, at least until printing money no longer works. After that, you'll have screwed us all."

After reading DDE and B-Daddy, you may come to the conclusion that we're just about there.

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