Monday, September 17, 2012

It's Like Christmas For Al Qaeda

... only they'd probably behead Santa, so I'm not sure the analogy is a good one. Or maybe it is.

So the American embassies got whacked in Egypt and Libya, followed by American embassies all over the place. Not much happened to the perpetrators. In Libya, a bunch of people were rounded up and arrested, but it's doubtful they were the right ones. The CSI: Benghazi team probably doesn't measure up to American standards.

Here in the US, we sent a police force in the middle of the night to drag the film maker the Muslims allegedly hated in for questioning. While the rioters attacking the embassies might not understand our criminal justice system, they most certainly understand images like this.

Everybody living in a Muslim police state has seen this before. A beating must have followed.
Whatever the plan was at the beginning, I don't think the AQ guys ever expected such a bountiful harvest. American flags burned, Islamist flags flying over American embassies, Americans killed and the American police taking a hated infidel down to the prison complex to have a car battery attached to various body parts and truncheons used on his head and back. What did it cost? A few random dudes in Benghazi got rounded up and sent to prison. Whatever.

Our "allies" are seeing this, too. Right about now, anyone who lined themselves up with the Great Satan must be cashing in their bonds and booking a cab ride to the airport. If the Yanks can't manage to protect one of their ambassadors and the President is telling everyone that Egypt isn't an ally any more, all confidence in our ability to protect pro-American politicians in Muslim countries must have evaporated.

Can you imagine the conversations over the family dinner tables in those houses?
"Saeed, what were you thinking? I told you the Americans couldn't protect us!"

"Quiet, Laila! I'm calling the airport to get tickets on the next flight to Istanbul!"
Meanwhile, our reporting is fixated on how this affects the Presidential race and whether or not Mitt Romney will make a gaffe.

Didn't we used to be a serious country?

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Doo Doo Econ said...

Remember when the "Impeach Bush" crowd wanted to charge President Bush with war crimes for toppling evil dictators and commiting to support of peaceful democracies? They must be loving this.