Thursday, September 06, 2012

The Democratic Party In One Easy Lesson

It starts slowly, but give it time. It gets good about halfway through and ends with a bang.

You got to give them credit, when they're not hating on religion, they're behaving like dictators. It's all about consistency. Good thing they had the convention in North Carolina where they hoped to pick up the state as a win in November. Let's see how this little bit of platform tomfoolery plays down there.

On the plus side, they had Sandra Fluke speak at the convention, representing the poor, disadvantaged, white, law-school-student trollop voters who want to get laid on our dime.

Special bonus tidbit: Democrat celebrity Jason Biggs elevated the conversation with the normal non-hate-speech we've come to expect from this crowd.

Even specialer bonus tidbit: Most underplayed gargantuan number ever: Sixteen trillion.

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