Monday, September 03, 2012

Something Interesting About The MGB Electrical System

Raw battery power is in the cockpit. No, really. The light switch on the dash pulls power from the starter which is directly connected to the battery with no fuses in between. That's got to go. From now on, the cockpit switches will get low amp feeds and will, in turn, feed full-power relays in the engine compartment.

I'm taking the week off starting tomorrow to finish the wiring in MGB. Pray for me.

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Mostly Nothing said...

yeah, that's one of the overly simplistic things of the MGB.
I did put in a relay for the lights and horn.
Good luck. The list has suggested using an old headlight as a "fuse" for testing circuits. That way it would blow if something is wrong, and your new wiring doesn't melt.
Good luck with your battle against the Prince of Darkness.