Sunday, May 19, 2024

Tolerance Is The Virtue Of The Man Without Convictions

... is a quote from G. K. Chesterton.

Dig this.

Online, people are losing their minds over this as well they should. However, most of the anger is misplaced. Yes, he was a middling athlete in the boy's division who "transitioned" into a girl and then stomped his competition, stealing victory from a deserving girl. However, he didn't offer the chance to change his sex to himself. That was done to him. He was promised a happy and rewarding life as a girl and now his rejection by other girls and women is not just public, it has gone viral online.

His life has been utterly destroyed by the sexual degeneracy of the Secular Left. He didn't go into his doctor's office and ask the physician to inject him with poisonous levels of feminine hormones. He didn't ask a surgeon to cut off his hangers.

Likewise, his parents didn't invent this. They didn't come up with the idea that their boy could "transition" into a girl. Ten or fifteen years ago, it wouldn't have been an option because the parents of gay young men had no idea that changing your sex was a possibility.

The parents are guilty of weakness, but we all have those. The Chesterton quote I used for the title of this post isn't a judgment, it's a statement of fact. The parents may feel they've been tolerant, but in actuality, they were weak and allowed sadistic perverts to convince them their son would be happier after some Island of Dr. Moreau action.

It's easy to blame the kid and scream that he's a glory-stealing swine. It's easy to blame the parents for perpetrating this fraud upon the fastest high school girls in Oregon. Those are all misplaced. If the boy had never existed, if his family had never existed, this would still be happening. The people that destroyed this family need to be held to account.

Let the trials begin.

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Mostly Nothing said...

Our society is living out The Island of Dr. Moreau, isn't it