Monday, May 27, 2024

One Way Or Another, You'll End Up Barefoot In The Kitchen

Dig this tidbit from Twitter.

England, as has almost all of Europe, has imported a highly fecund, alien and incompatible people into their countries. All of their countries are democracies. The Muslims are having more babies than the Euros, Muslim babies who will end up as Muslim voters. That means the women of Europe have three choices.

  1. Kick the Muslims out of their countries*.
  2. Take their shoes off and get into the kitchen, pregnant.
  3. Do nothing and end up wearing a hijab in the kitchen, pregnant.

If they don't choose #1, there is simply no way to avoid barefootery in the kitchen growing great with child.

The Eternal Jewish Problem

The Europeans don't realize it yet, but they are facing the eternal problem of the Jews, save for the Jews in Israel. For millennia, Jews have lived as minorities everywhere. Each year brought a small, but non-zero chance that a pogrom of one kind or another would take place. This comes with the territory when you're a minority.

Taking the Euro case, it's entirely possible that the first instantiation of an Islamic republic in, say, England would be benign. But every year would spin the extremist revolver cylinder and you are mathematically guaranteed that eventually the chamber will contain a bullet.

BANG, your culture and way of life are dead.

Conflict Is Something We Read About

Dig the video below. The froggies, in their froggy progressive wisdom, decided that women needed career opportunities in the police force. They did that because almost none of their decision makers have ever been in a fight.

Women in the police and military works in theory and theory is all you have when you have no experience. Anyone who has a problem with this is a bigot.

The underlying ideas that led these two ladies to getting roughed up by a "migrant" who has definitely seen plenty of violence are the same ideas that led to the policy makers importing the "migrants" in the first place. It's all kissy-kissy love-love as far as the eye can see and anyone who didn't think bringing in every 3rd world blood feud made sense was a bigot.

The Kids Aren't Alright

There is more to overcome. Because the progressives have taken over the education industry and indoctrinated our children into hating the West, you get the scene below. If you want to deport the Muslims, you'll need to start by helping our kids become patriotic again and our men pugnacious.

The Way Out

The way out is to educate the "educated." Confront them with these facts and demand they come up with a solution. There's only one, very simple, set of choices: get rid of the Muslims while you still can or abandon your ideas of careers for women and get them married and pregnant right away or put on the hijab.

Those three choices boil down to one, really. Do you want to round up and deport Muslims or do you want to bail out on feminism? 

Everything else is just window dressing.


* - I am dismissing the possibility that Muslims can be converted or changed. They've been around for a long, long time, much longer than the progressives, and have shown no willingness to abandon the key features of their faith. To those who think the Muslims can be "tamed" in some way, I would reply that one must show the Muslims more respect than that.

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