Wednesday, May 22, 2024

In The End, There Can Be But One

Diversity, equity and inclusion is doomed by its own construction. If everyone is grouped by immutable characteristics and spoils transferred from one group to another on that basis, it's inevitable that conflicts will arise between the groups and those conflicts will be resolved through power struggles, either violent, political or legal.

Witness Hamtramck, MI.

Two Hamtramck, Michigan, commissioners were fired from their positions after they flew a Pride flag on city property.

The Hamtramck City Council on Tuesday voted to remove Russ Gordon and Cathy Stackpoole from the Hamtramck Human Relations Commission.

The Council sent Fox News Digital a statement saying that the commissioners had defied the “rule of law.”

Hamas flags are fine. LGBTQWERTY flags are not.

Thanks to their political power, it's Muslims 1, LGBTQWERTY 0 in Hamtramck.

The Council voted to ban Pride flags, among others, due to opposition from religious groups who disagree with the ideology represented by the symbol...

The entirety of the Hamtramck City Council is Muslim, and approximately 40% of residents were born in foreign countries.

No word yet on how the leaders of the Secular Left plans to intervene in this one to make sure both sides are "Inclusive." That's probably because they don't realize these conflicts were destined to happen from the start or that they're happening at all.

Elsewhere, the #MeToo movement got absolutely body-slammed by Muslim rape gangs in England. Here's a partial rogue's gallery of the gang of gang-rapists from Rotherham where more than 1500 young women were groomed and then gang-raped over a period of 10 years while the politicians, press and police looked the other way.

Muslims 1500, women 0.

In the land of liberty, equality and fraternity, the liberty doesn't extend to women who don't want to be raped by migrants. The Secular Left is seeing to that.

French migrants 100 200 500 many, French women 0.

What To Make Of It All

As far as I can tell, when it comes to the hierarchy of intersectionality, the most important diversity of which we must be equitably inclusive is race. Yes, I realize that Muslim isn't a race, but that's too fine a distinction for the Secular Left. Islam is a religion with real ideas and rules and customs and stuff, but that seems too complicated the SLs. Instead, they're seen as people of color.

When it comes to PoC vs. LGBTQWERTY, the PoC win. When it comes to PoC vs. women, the PoC win again.

Just what happens when different shades of the PoC come into conflict, as they are in NYC and Chicago as the "migrants" take lodging, jobs and handouts from the blacks, is still up for grabs. From the looks of it, the "migrants" are going to win that one.

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Mostly Nothing said...

I had a long rambling diatribe going for a bit there. Delete is probably the best course of action.

So in my morning news from Alexa, I get reports from BBC, One America, NPR, and Fox. There was an interesting interview with a female swimmer. She is against trans athletes (XY chromosomes) competing against females (XX). And sights many physiological facts that really make a difference. The interviewer did play devil's advocate asking the hard questions, but then actually let the woman answer. As you have already determined, yes it was part of the Fox update.

Ultimately, DEI will fail, and is already coming apart at the seems in more rational parts of the country. As the leftist new world order list of oppressors jockey for position in their king of the hill competition, it's hard to imagine how Muslims don't come out on top. The others, Antifa, BLM, LGTQ (sorry, I can't keep track of the order), et al, really don't have ability to compete.

On another subject, I keep waiting for KT to comment on the $26 billion lost money spent on ending homelessness by Newsome. I know it starts with a 2 and it is billion, but I forget the second number.