Friday, May 24, 2024

Surreal In Gaza

 Dig this image.

She's a poster child for do-gooders.

That's a screen cap from the World Food Program's video describing how they are working to send supplies to Hamas as it tries to kill as many Jews as possible. The WFP doesn't understand this, they think they are feeding children. That's because the WFP doesn't live in the real world.

This is war. It needs to end quickly. Giving food to Hamas only extends the war. Meanwhile, Cindy McCain, WFP chief, is telling both sides to eat their vegetables and clean their rooms before they go outside to play.

The people of Gaza want to exterminate the Jews. That's why they elected Hamas. That's what every single poll of the population says. That's why they cheered their boys going across the border to rape, murder and torture Jews.

None of that even exists for Cindy. One can just see her five years from now, if Hamas is allowed to survive and carry out their plans, calmly explaining how WFP is sending food trucks into Israel to feed the children orphaned by Hamas' genocide of the Jewish adults. The sight of massive abattoirs, filled with Jewish corpses wouldn't phase her in the least.

It's absolutely baffling. It's the same thing I see when our Church leaders talk about sweetness and love while young women are being poisoned and butchered by the gender maniacs. There's a total disconnect from reality.

Updated Take

This is just more of the same we see in all the blue cities. For the right people, the consequences of their actions should be minimized as much as possible. Shoplifting? Make it a misdemeanor. Assault? No cash bail. Paraglide into a music festival to gang rape Jews? The WFP will make sure your family gets fed.

These are the behaviors of permissive parents taken to a whole new level.

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