Friday, November 20, 2020

The Gap Is Everywhere

My recent post describing how the website of the Diocese of San Diego was all over the social justice thing, but not all that interested in that Jesus fellow was more about the gap between the Normals and the Elites than anything else. In it, we found that the D of SD site mentions Jesus 97 times and justice 1,390 times. Our diocesan website has the following word counts as well.

  • Racism / Race / Bigot / Hate: 56
  • Freedom: 4
  • Porn: 0
  • Transgender: 0

Here among the deplorable, racist laity, our biggest daily issues deal with our children leaving the faith, our inability to express Catholic opinions at work and the scourge of porn. While the bishop is off fighting racist leprechauns with the Social Justice Squad, we're getting killed.

Our parish church is having Mass again. We have to wear masks and practice social distancing, but that's OK. There's only 50-60 of us there these days. It used to be 3-400. Are they coming back when it's all over? Not all of them, to be sure. Still, we need to be concerned about white supremacists more than anything else.

At work, I cannot say that men don't have babies. I will be punished and perhaps fired if I say that. Not to worry, the diocese is all over that. Or it will be, once we open the borders.

One of our sons has a circle of friends from his Catholic high school wherein none of them date. Not one. Any guess as to why? What would make it so that a young man in his 20s wouldn't feel the need to find a girlfriend? Hmm. That's a tough one.

If you guessed affordable housing for the homeless, our bishop will give you a gold star.

And so it goes. The Elites in the news media, the academy, entertainment, much of politics and now the church sit and talk with each other, agreeing that the real problems in life are racist leprechauns, homophobic gremlins, judgmental hobgoblins and high prices at Whole Foods. 

Where we hate-filled bigots live, in Ignorant Klansville, the problems are a little different.


tim eisele said...

I think the big problem the Church has is their completely top-down organization. Nobody in the hierarchy has to listen to anyone below them, and the only vote the laity have in church affairs is to vote with their feet.

"What would make it so that a young man in his 20s wouldn't feel the need to find a girlfriend?"

I can't speak for other young men in their 20s, but I didn't look for a girlfriend at that age because I didn't have much money and couldn't afford to date. I was 25 before I felt that I could afford a girlfriend even in principle, and didn't get married until I was 33.

Mostly Nothing said...

As you may know, I volunteer in the AV booth at my church. Audio, video, and camera work. Pre-pandemic probably 2-3 weekends a month, most Wednesday in lent, etc. Our church had 4 service 5:17 (New Creation) on Saturday nights, 8:15, 9:30, and 10:45.
5:17 and 8:15 had 75-150 each on average. 9:30 3-400 hundred, and 10:45 2-300. Confirmation Sunday would double that, Easter would more than double, and 5-6 services at Christmas would have 500+ (800+ for some) for 3-4 of the services. Of course, the weekly services doesn't count the kids in Sunday School, so add probably 500 more every weekend.

When we started back up July/August, it was 2 services with about 50 each. Skipping rows, and the spray cleaning in between, and switching which pews were open for seating.

We stream services every week on facebook, the website, and Boxcast on Roku. And so we in AV are beefing up the camera work, and paying more attention to the audio quality of the broadcast. Viewership is rising. It all started with the snowbirds wanting it, but obviously, it's everyone now. The booth, that was so big a decade ago, seems too small for what we are doing now.

Ohioan@Heart said...

MN - Just in case you didn’t know, here in San Diego County, due to our idiot Goober, churches are closed. Strip clubs aren’t. I think that says more about CA than anything else.

One Brow said...

Illinois just closed down all indoor entertainment. Even strip clubs.