Friday, October 02, 2020

Proud Boy Leprechaun Mania

We are clearly in the grips of a mania. All anyone can talk about these days are leprechauns white supremacists. I had the wisdom to avoid the Trump - Biden / Wallace debate, but I saw a lot of howling about leprechauns white supremacists afterwards.

Then there's this piece from the always-gloomy Rod Dreher describing how some lunatic professor at Cal State Fullerton is going to give a talk showing how Christianity supports leprechauns white supremacy. Here's a tidbit with the emphasis in the original.

There is nothing wrong with investigating the intersection between religion and racial structures in societies. But in this climate of racial hysteria, we have here a professor at a California state university giving a lecture on how Christianity “contributes” to what the contemporary American left has identified as the greatest social evil of our time. Note that even if Christianity teaches people not to judge others by the color of their skin, it is still white supremacist

How far do you think a Cal State professor would get giving a lecture on how Judaism fosters social evil, or Islam? You know the answer: because anti-Christian bigotry is a sign of enlightenment among these elites. Nobody at Cal State Fullerton is going to have to answer for this.

You could easily feed a family of four blogs three square meals of leprechaun white supremacy hysteria every day. It makes me want to start pulling the thread on mass hysterias. How do they start? What gets them to wind down?

I'm coming to the heretical conclusion that getting out from under our manic obsession with leprechauns white supremacy is more important than the election.

Finally, there is the accusation that the Proud Boys are somehow tied in to leprechauns white supremacy. Maybe they are, but I've never seen evidence of it. I used to subscribe to Gavin McInnes' YouTube channel, before they took it down for mumble mumble mumble. I thought he was a pretty funny guy. Here's his video that first introduced me to the Proud Boys. It's all about ditching porn and video games and doing manly things.

If that's leprechaunophilia white supremacist, then that doesn't say anything good about blacks. In fact, I would think that suggestion would make them a wee bit unhappy.

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Foxfier said...

My husband has, as a fandom, terrorist and related groups. (Sort of like sports teams fandoms, but you really want most of them to be destroyed; some of them are "possibly salvageable if the other terrorists weren't around as targets" while a lot more are "haven't actually done anything yet.")

He almost hurt himself on the idea of the Proud Boys being white supremacists, because the head of the group is Afro-Cuban and they have more black or mostly-Mexican members than the general population. He was familiar with them through possible gang ties, a LOT of the recruits use to be gang members. They could've gone with sexist a lot easier, pretty big on the whole "women should be at home" thing, though apparently that is very YMMV in how crazy they are on it.

Even have some stupid initiation thing where you have to recite three brands of cereal while the rest of the group is beating you up. It's like 4Chan decided to try to make an old school Masons group.