Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Hiding Things From Yourself

OK, are you ready for a complete nutjob blog post? Good. Here we go.

The press and the social media giants are not hiding things from us. At least, that's not the real purpose of their attempts to conceal the Black Lives Matter manifesto and riots and the Hunter Biden scandal. The real purpose of their smoke screens are to hide the truth from themselves.

What happens when you realize that this is not caused by injustice or racism?

What happens when you look at the illegitimacy stats and all of their related pathologies?

Right now, you're the good guys and you've got it pretty easy. You're fighting the 200 or so white supremacists who we saw in Charlottesville, what, 3 years ago? Everyone is on your side, from Proctor and Gamble to Starbucks to Ta-Nehisi Coates. You admit your white privilege and vow to be better, pretending it's going to make a difference. In reality, it's all cosplay.

The only way you can keep pretending is if you silence all of the counter-examples. If you don't keep them hidden, you realize that cultural degeneracy is the real problem and that the left is deliberately encouraging and exploiting the degeneracy, well, the future is simply to horrible to contemplate.

If you admitted that the problem was degeneracy, you'd have to oppose PornHub, Tinder, Cardi B, Takashi6ix9ine and a massive army of similarly popular things. You'd also have to oppose the wildly popular racial justice movement as a destructive fraud. You'd become the Church Lady from Saturday Night Live.


This morning, I watched last night's Tony Bobulinksi interview on Tucker's show. Last night, I watched the Philly riots on Twitter from non-AP journalists. Neither of those were prominent on the major networks or from high-profile reporters. I was going down the old rabbit hole of "They're keeping the truth from us!" when it dawned on me that they were really keeping the truth from themselves.

Be honest. Neither the Hunter Biden corruption scandal nor the looting were surprises to you, right? If that's the case, then nothing was hidden from you because you already knew it was there. No, the media is hiding the truth from themselves.


tim eisele said...

"If you admitted that the problem was degeneracy, you'd have to oppose PornHub, Tinder, Cardi B, Takashi6ix9ine and a massive army of similarly popular things"

Ok, fine. Say you oppose these things. How do you propose to do that in a way that anyone will pay attention to?

I mean, ranting about it on your blog is fine as far as it goes, but it seems to lack reach, you know? Preaching about it in church isn't going to help if the people you are trying to reach never go to church. And if the TV talking heads were to switch to bewailing "cultural degeneracy", exactly who do you think is going to be listening to them? Personally, I'm not that sure that the majority of people listen to them now, and becoming "scolds" probably isn't going to get them any more viewers.

So if you don't like the way the culture is going, what are your options for doing anything about it?

Foxfier said...

When you're in a hole, the first rule is: stop digging.

So if you're caught in a lie, the first step is: stop spreading it.

Figure out how to take over the world later, get dressed first.

K T Cat said...

In addition to being a daily OCD spasm, this blog is my attempt to work out what I'm seeing in the world. What does it mean and why is it happening?

After a long time doing some amount of sales and marketing, I've found that I'm most effective when I have a thorough understanding of my product line, the customers' needs and my competitors' offerings. When I have that down, my sales meetings are relaxed and friendly.

That's where I'm going with this. The next time the racial justice thing comes up in a dinner conversation, I won't get worked up, I'll be able to calmly suggest some counter-examples that destroy the narrative. That's the most any of us can do, if we don't have a big megaphone online or in the media.

My motives are the same as the progressives. I care about the poor, the drug addicts, the illiterate and those who are just bad at life in general. I've known a ton of them in my family and from decades of work. I love them as God's children.

If you view your discussion partners as customers and you have internalized and adopted their goals, you can do a much better job of convincing them. That's where all this is going.

Yes, I rant and wave my arms here, but that's just my irrational, emotional side finding a vent. In person, I'm a KT pussy cat.

Well, until I start ranting there, too. :-)