Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Worshipping Politics

Last night, we watched the New York Giants hand the Monday Night Football game to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers through lousy quarterback play. As a New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees fan, it was nauseating to see Tom Brady, whose deal with the devil apparently is still in effect, do well. Blargh.

During the game, there was at least one ad telling you to go vote. It was full of NFL players telling you how important it was. 

Earlier in the day, wife kitteh and I were stopped at a stoplight and saw a homeless woman on a bike fiddling around with a stick. She drew something in the gutter with it, she groomed it and she talked to it. She was clearly drugged out of her mind.

The "compassionate" crowd tells me that we need more money for affordable housing to take care of the homeless. My eyes tell me that the homeless are drug zombies. If housing was free, they might not be in it. Their eyes tell them that, too. "Compassion" is nothing more than a dishonest advertising campaign asking us to trade our freedom, in the form of money and power, for what they tell us will be care for the indigent. We might as well be trading it for a bag of colored, glass beads.

If we thought more and felt less, we'd realize that handing politicians money and power isn't going to do a thing for that zonked-out woman. Is voting the most important thing she can do?

We also saw an ad about consolidating student loan debt. Kids who owed six figures on degrees they may or may not have finished, fretted on camera about the financial millstones around their necks. Was voting the most important thing they could have done four years ago?

I could go on, but you get the picture. To me, the constant stress on the importance of voting suggests a submissive life. That one tick mark, made every other year, will be of huge consequence! After you do that, you can go back to your hovel and await the decisions of the Elites. They'll take care of you, just like they took care of rural Pennsylvania.

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