Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Trans Heroin

The video below is aimed at girls who want to pretend they're boys, but whose parents have strange notions about chromosomes and body parts. As you watch it, translate trans into drug use. Let's say heroin.

The message is to climb into a bubble of friends who support your heroin use. It's a real downer to have people who are, like, telling you stuff, like, "Heroin is bad," you know? So, like, you should surround yourself with people, who, like lift you up and support you as you do heroin.

The advice makes sense and jives with all of the addicts I've known.

At no point in the video does this chick suggest that you might be mistaken and you might not be a guy after all. It's simply assumed that teenage girls are right and the adults who oppose them are wrong and that's that.

Anywho, this stuff is all over the place. It took no time at all to find dozens of these along with plenty more that told you how to get testosterone. 

Parents of girls who want to transition are totally outgunned. By the time their daughter comes to them and tells them she thinks she's a guy, she's been equipped with all kinds of sophisticated arguments and support from the Female-To-Male (FTM) community. Their ambush has been well-planned by people who have coached it so many times that they can anticipate all possible reactions.

If you want to see what it's like, just search on FTM, either alone or with any question you might have.



One Brow said...

People are reaching out to help teenagers in pain, based on they pain they experienced themselves. The "drug" they are pushing is living a fuller, happier life.

I was lucky. I never once thought I was going to be, or should be, anything other than a man.

Foxfier said...

A "fuller, happier life" does not have the death rate of fully supported transexuals.

Heroin, on the other hand....

One Brow said...


Do "fully supported transsexuals" (say in Norway) have the death rate of transsexuals in the US?

Foxfier said...

One Brow-
Feel free to support your counter-claim. I'm done chasing the rocket-powered goal posts.

One Brow said...

What makes you think the evidence supported my claim? Even in Norway, over a lifetime, suicide attempts are about 4 times higher.


However, we do see massive reductions in the rate when same-sex marriage is legalized.