Sunday, April 19, 2020

Tied To The Racial Obsession Railroad Track

... and the train just ran us over.

Dig this.

The red line is NYC. The other 24 metro areas are lost in the noise.
Now dig this.

The progs' racial obsessions kicked us all in the groin. The reason we see people wearing masks while walking down the street as if the virus was transmitted by lasers shooting from our nostrils is because the progs in NYC could not overcome their attachment to modern Nazi Race Theory.

Governor Cuomo gets no credit, either, unless you want to claim that he was totally unfamiliar with New York City and what his comrades in the Party were doing there.

No worries. In a year or so, we'll all be back to normal. That means the fatherless residents of Detroit, St.Louis, Baltimore, Chicago, New Orleans and so on will be back to shooting each other while the progs check under their beds for white supremacists. The news media will continue to push the idea of systemic racism, but never ask the Democrats why they're permitting it in every freaking city.

I sincerely pray that Candace Owens' BLEXIT movement succeeds and I'm proven wrong.


Ohioan@Heart said...

The sad part is that if you look around you'll find almost everyone in NY blames the debacle on Trump. So what if he stopped travel from China in late January? The NY folks were saying "everything's fine, nothing to see here" right up to the point where the cases started sky rocketing. OK, the FDA (and by association, Trump) blew it on the testing kits. But seriously, in NYC you have 51 city council districts. 48 Dems and 3 Reps. The Mayor is a D. They were completely asleep at the switch and only woke up when the oncoming train smacked them in the face.

Up in Albany the state assembly is 104 Dems, 42 Reps, 1 Ind (3 vacancies), while the senate is 40 Dems and 22 Reps (1 vacant), and of course the Governor is a D. But obviously no blame falls on any of them.

Only the federal government is at fault. Sigh.

Go Candace and Kanye! (Did I just type a message in support of Kanye West!?!? We really are through the looking glass.)

Foxfier said...

I am still darkly amused that folks who scream I need to be locked in my house-- in simi-rural Iowa, I can walk a quarter mile in any direction without reaching a house that has anybody in it; we had three cases, all mild, all recovered-- but the idea of shutting down the subway in New York is unthinkable.