Thursday, April 30, 2020

Crossing The Atlantic For Peanuts

Note: There's a special bonus anti-rant at the end.

For a while, I've planned on exploring the African roots of Southern cooking. A while back, I made some Gari Foto, but it was horrible. Last night, I made Chef Lola's Easy Chicken Peanut Soup. It was excellent.

Brown some seasoned chicken thighs.

Saute onions and then add a vegetable puree which contains a pair of habaneros. Yowza! Surprisingly, the dish wasn't spicy at the end.

Add some peanut butter. Like the one on Jupiter, I have no idea what that dark spot was.

Put the chicken back in the pot and simmer it for a spell.

Serve over white rice. Delish!

Special Bonus Anti-rant: As I cooked last night, I thought of all the cultures that made up America. Lola's West African roots are part of that and it's an act of love to explore her cooking. I thought about today's blog post and considered a rant about how the Africans caused so much trouble here in America because they sold each other into slavery. Blah blah blah.

Why do that? Isn't that the thing I hate the most? Chef Lola is the bomb. Good for her that she likes to show off her Nigerian dishes. It's great! Instead of joining in the rage mob and finger pointing and yelling, why not show some love for her? After all, it's what I wish we would all do for all American sub-cultures. It's the root of why I really dislike tearing down Confederate monuments and flags.

None of us have clean, ancestral hands. In fact, our pasts are all soaked in blood and injustice. Is that what we want to discuss or would we rather have some delicious chicken peanut soup?

You tell me.

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