Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Almost Done

Intro: I'm in the last phase of rewiring a 1973 MGB from scratch.

I wrapped the wiring harness and put connectors on the center console. I then installed all of the instruments and their harness. I didn't take Mostly Nothing's advice and leave enough slack in the wires, so really ground my hands up struggling to wire up the thing in the car. On the plus side, there's none of the wiring mess I used to have, so I'd consider this a win.

The instrument cluster, wired up in my cardboard model of the dash.
The business end of the center console, ready to go.
The dash with the instruments and harness installed. It looks clean now! No wires dangling all over the place.
One more day and I should be done. Yay!


ligneus said...

Clever stuff. Don't think I'd have the patience. Maybe if I actually had an MG I'd feel differently. Fabulous little cars.

Mostly Nothing said...

It has been fun watching you work on this car all these years. I'm thinking you got it in 86? You were still in Pacific Beach, right?
I remember driving it back from Coronado, and the water pump going out on the bridge. We had that fixed in a couple hours.
Not even my car and I have almost as many memories of it as my own.

K T Cat said...

Thanks, ligneus!

MN - yep, I was in PB at the time. I remember when the floats in those horrid Zenith-Stromburg carbs stuck and gasoline simply poured into the engine. It smoked like a beast, so I changed the oil. There was so much gasoline in the oil that it overloaded my oil capture pan and poured in a river down the gutter. A few hours later, my roommate came home and couldn't stop talking about how some anti-environment jerk had been pouring oil down the storm drain right outside our apartments.

I agreed that whoever did it must have been singularly evil.

Mostly Nothing said...

I don't remember that story. That's great. BTW, you had SUs not ZS. The HIF variant for those keeping track. The ZS came in '75.

I remember changing the oil on my TR7 when I lived in OB. It was a canister filter, and I got it in crooked. Filled it up with oil, and started it up. Oil pressure never comes up. So I shut it off and went and looked under the car. 4 quarts on the ground. Clean up that mess, and walk to the autoparts store for more Valvoline.