Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Want To Drive The MSM Completely Out Of Their Minds?

... then show extra charity and kindness to people of other races this week.

Dave Burge of Iowahawk blog fame has a great tweet yesterday:
The endless coverage of a particular murder case when this kind of thing happens all the time has only one cause and we all know it: the media's fascination with racial animosity, whenever and wherever they can find it. They love it. They live for it. Even if they have to invent it like they did here with the all-new racial category "White-Hispanic." I'm sure many of them were supremely disappointed the verdict didn't result in riots and burning cities.

Well, screw them.

If you're sick and tired of the media playing us all like so many cheap violins, then go out of your way for the next week (and more) to show people of other races love and charity. When you come across others who have been sucked into the manufactured hate, don't respond to their baiting and hostility except with kindness. Ask them why they let some subnormal script reader on the TV dictate their feelings.

Don't let the swine at MSNBC and elsewhere play you any more.

You'll make Rachel Maddow's head explode. That alone will be worth the effort.


tim eisele said...

The "news networks" do not exist to actually inform. They exist to get viewers. Which they do by trying to whip up fear and animosity, with the hope of making disturbances, riots, and murders, so that people will think it is "important" to watch them.

I think the best solution is just not to watch them. I've noticed that, over the years since I've stopped watching "news shows", my general opinion of the human race has improved markedly.

K T Cat said...

Great comment, Tim. I haven't deliberately watched a news or talking heads show in over a decade. I think my IQ went up substantially during that time.