Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Edward Snowden Was Seen At My Office

... so we need to close the place down and give everyone the day off.

Hey, why not? It worked for the President of Bolivia. The dude was flying home from a conference in Moscow when some knuckleheads bought into a rumor that Snowden was on the plane and forced it to land  in Vienna*.

It's like Snowden is some kind of leprechaun or unicorn. Everyone is rushing about trying to spot him, thinking he's got a pot of gold, the secret of eternal life or perfect brackets for the 2014 NCAA basketball tournament.


Just looking at his picture makes me want to run in circles, waving my arms and yelling incoherently.
* - Now there's an idea! Everyone who is rumored to have seen Edward Snowden recently should get a free vacation in Vienna.


Rose said...

Another bombshell coming, Greenwald says...

“I think what the Obama administration wants, and has been trying to establish for the last almost five years now with the unprecedented war on whistleblowers that it is waging, and to make it so that everybody is petrified of coming forward with information about what our political officials are doing in the dark that is deceitful, illegal or corrupt,” Greenwald said.

Obama's government takeover - remember Drudge's question some weeks back when he was taunting about more shoes about to drop? He asked."Do we have the courage to impeach our first black president if it is found that he is corrupt?"

Sadly, I think the answer is no.

But Obama's pretense that he does't care about Snowden is chilling, as he always does the opposite of what he says.

So we joke that Snowden must be carrying Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate. And his college transcripts. Who knows what else in those four laptops.

Jedi Master Ivyan said...

They seem to be pursuing Snowden more avidly than they ever went after Assange. Given that, I'd dearly love to know what dirt he has on this admin.

K T Cat said...

They certainly seem freaked out by the guy, don't they?

Wollf Howlsatmoon said...

I wish to heck Somebody had the guts to start impeachment proceedings. Nixon spied on a campaign. This guy spies on everyone.

By the way, Happy Fourth to Rose and KT!!!!

Catholic Mutt said...

I think I'll be ready for a Snowden sighting on Monday!