Thursday, July 25, 2013

Seeing The Face Of Mary In A Tree Stump

In many ways, progressivism is a religion in crisis. So many of the things they took as articles of faith are coming apart. Racism, in particular, is getting harder and harder to find. That's why George Zimmerman was such flypaper to the left. After a long dry spell where even some of them might have been having doubts, they finally had a perfect example of a white thug shooting an innocent black teen. It was like he was sent from God to restore their belief.

Only it didn't turn out that way at all. George wasn't white, at least not in the sense of "do I qualify for Hispanic status on this government form." They made up a new racial category to cover this, white-hispanic, but that was kind of disappointing, too. As more details about his "innocent" victim, George's political and community activities and the altercation that led to the shooting emerged, the less this seemed like the miracle they longed for to restore their faith in American racism.

Finally, they resorted to faking images of the face of Mary in tree stumps.

You know those weird, iconic religious images people say they see in shadows or cracks in teacups or mountainsides? The ones that draw hundreds of pilgrims to gaze upon them and meditate? Well, Kristinn Taylor, blogging at Gateway Pundit, found what looks to be one of the last gasps of the Zimmerman Racism Miracle for the left. Renee Vaughan was caught drawing the icon in the tree stump.

Sorry, folks. Time to go home. It was all faked. All of it.

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