Monday, July 08, 2013

Just How Many Trains Did They Blow Up Making The Lone Ranger, Anyway?

Skimming across Yahoo News today, I discovered that the critic-reviled Lone Ranger is also a box office bomb. It cost $225M to make and has only brought in $49M so far.

A western costing $225M? How on Earth can it cost that much to film a bunch of guys riding around on horses? I knew they were blowing up lots of stuff and wrecking trains, but $225M? And how would like to have been in their production meetings where the ever-growing budget was revealed to the executives at Disney? I'm sure they knew that a western could never recoup the piles of cash being incinerated to make the thing.


Fantastic production values and lots of trains being smashed equals hundreds of millions of dollars.


Jedi Master Ivyan said...

I lost any interest in seeing the movie when I saw Johnny Depp was playing Tonto. "What's the matter, they couldn't find a Native American to play the role???" It doesn't help that no one has heard of Armie Hammer. Isn't that what you put into the fridge to cut down on smells?

I just took a peek, Ender's Game, which is a sci-fi action flick cost a little over $100 mil to make.

I think they were trying to make a blockbuster and forgot to make a good movie. I'll just watch Tombstone again, rather than this garbage. Now that's a Western.

Catholic Mutt said...

That's an insane amount of money!

tim eisele said...

Let's see, it cost $750,000 for Buster Keaton to smash up a locomotive in 1926. Adjusting for inflation brings that to about $10 million in 2013 dollars. So, on their budget of $225 million, that means the Lone Ranger could have smashed or blown up 22 trains, in a 149 minute movie. That's one train every 6.6 minutes.

From the sound of things, a movie of nothing but trains crashing, blowing up, going over cliffs, or otherwise being destroyed every 6.6 minutes might actually have turned out to be a better movie.

tim eisele said...

Whoops, I screwed up the link to "The General". It should have been

K T Cat said...

Trains being smashed to bits in interesting ways for 149 minutes? I'd see that!