Thursday, July 04, 2013

One More Reason To Hate NBC

So NBC outbid Fox for rights to the English Premier League games. They paid a quarter of a billion dollars for it. That means they are serious, very serious about marketing the EPL, right?


It means the EPL games are in the hands of morons and savages.

A pair of NBC executives pondering how to broadcast EPL games.
With Fox, you could subscribe to FoxSoccer online and watch almost all of the games on demand, through your browser. I loved it. Last season I watched 3-4 games per week, easily. Since Fox didn't put a score ticker on the screen, as long as I didn't go to sites that gave the results, I could watch my games without knowing the outcome in advance. I looked forward to the weekends during the season with delight.

NBC has ruined it all.

First off, there will be no games on demand. Because of the time difference, some games start early in the morning and if I want to catch one, I need to be up and tuned in then. Also, if there are multiple games I want to see going on at the same time, I'll only be able to catch one.

None of this matters, however. I won't be able to see ANY of the games.

NBC is offering them only through cable and satellite providers that have the complete NBC sports package. Mine, Time Warner, does not and I don't intend to get satellite for this. NBC offers online streaming, but only for those people subscribing to the correct cable/satellite package.

Not surprising for a large corporation that has teamed up with the semi-literate idiots at Microsoft and offers the very worst in fascist news and commentary on MSNBC, they don't comprehend modern technology and modern entertainment consumption at all.

The only surprise here is that they don't seem to be hosting their online content on a SharePoint site.

I guess even NBC isn't that stupid.

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