Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thursday 13, Random Thoughts Edition

Rather than come up with a theme or purpose, today's Thursday 13 is completely random.

1. I recently had to rearrange the desk with my computer so K T Cat has a place to lie down so she can be close to me while I work.

2. I’m very happy that I’ve moved away from posting about politics and into business.

3. I spend much less time shouting at the computer after reading a blog post now.

4. The comments in my posts have become much more friendly.

5. I read fewer and fewer political blogs.

6. Even the funny ones.

7. In the car, I only listen to one political talk show now, Hugh Hewitt’s.

8. Life is better with fewer conflicts.

9. I finally got a good picture of K T Cat in her “flying” pose.

10. I love it when she does that.

11. We’re going to try a beach bonfire this Friday with another family or two.

12. I’m open for suggestions on things to bring.

13. I can’t wait for the NFL season to start. The New Orleans Saints have set a record for season ticket sales with 4 months to go before the season starts. That gives you an idea of how much all of us are looking forward to it.

Wow. That was easy.

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Anonymous said...

Leaving a space for your cat is too familiar. We have to do that too, so the lady can snuggle up in her favorite spot :)

jayne d'Arcy said...

Your cat is beautiful. Before we had the dogs, we had our two cats. My desk was a nifty little corner thing with shelves on either side of the monitor niche. Never got to put anything on those shelves; Claudius & Johann were always perched there.

Mary Horn said...

Thanks for the advice on posting about getting fired. I'll do that when I get to work tonight. About the cat and the computer, when my boy hears me typing he needs love, so he stands between me and the monitor and I can't see. He's a kneeder so he also tries to kneed my arm while I'm typing. Then if he sees the pointer moving on the screen he tries to catch it. What fun he is!!

ladydaria said...

My cat adores the computer. She can often be found dancing across my keyboard. lol. As for political blogs, I read tons of them as I am a political activist and writer. Happy TT, thanks for coming by mine.

Almost An Angel

Red Queen said...

My cat thinks laying on the keyboard is the best pillow ever except it sure messes up the typing and I end up with lots of `B````````````````````````````````````````````````Be blessed today. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Great list, sounds like you have a lot going on. Hope the beach fire is fun - s'mores are always a good thing.

Trinity13 said...

What a cute pic of your kitty. My cat has cute poses as well...esp the one where she sits like a human! Soooo adorable!!!

Have a great Thursday!

Robin said...

Cute furkid! I've gotten into listening to political talk shows on the way home and I swear it just upsets me one way or another.

Ardice said...

I agree with #8. Have fun with #11! Tanks for the visit. I hope your day is running smoothly. Take-Care...

yoo hoo said...

Hummus is always good! It travels well and it's good for you. No, I'm not a blogging spam of a commercial, I'm just hungry and need to eat and that sounds good.

Anonymous said...

Great list :)
I had to lol when you said "I spend much less time shouting at the computer" - too funny.
Great cat picture :).
Thanks for stopping by.

Lazy Daisy said...

My desk is big so I occasionally have both cats looking out the window at the bird feeder. I'm glad you are not yelling at your computer any more..(giggle) My TT is up.

Just Me said...

I quite enjoy doing random lists myself. It's always interested to see where your thoughts take you.

Hope you had a great TT
Elle xx

Shannon said...

Your cat looks like mine, Boobie-Doo. Boobers is Grey and white similar to K.T. Cat. He doesn't get on my desk as there is another desk chair right beside me and he sleeps in it as I am blogging most the time. On various occasions, he will jump in my lap as if to say, "hey mom, remember me? I'd like some lovin's over that keyboard."

If I were to put down random thoughts, everyone would definitely know I was crazy for a fact.

as far as the bonfire, for food, take quick fix eateries that can be more like appetizers and on the stick foods. My mom makes those miniature italian sausages in BBQ sauce, it's great. Take any type of ball game or badmitton for the parents and kids to play. With the bonfire going, there will be plenty of light to play by and it'll make it more fun.

Hope this helps. Have fun