Sunday, May 21, 2006

This Week in the Theocracy

Greetings, all!

It's me, Jacob the Syrian Hamster, loyal beadle of the Feline Theocracy here for another round up of the best posts from members of the Theocracy.

Today we go in reverse order.

Our Court Jester, the Curt Jester is concerned that he is being stalked. By monkeys. Albino monkeys. You do the math.

Holy Scholar Happy Julie warms our heart with a post about how and why God created the cat.

Holy Scholar Eric Scheske has a post about beer worthy of Ogre. Eric, try Abita's TurboDog.

How many bloggers post about Michaelangelo? Holy Scholar Georgette does!

Holy Scholar Mark Shea hits one out of the park about The Da Vinci Code.

Here's a soulful post from The Anchoress.

Heidi, still on the Protected List, rocks out with this post.

Our Official Artist takes Pat Robertson out into the alley and smacks him around.

The Theocracy's Holy Ambassador to the Court of the Mainstream Media suggests that it might take defeat to find our way again.

Ogre, the Monsignor of the Breweries, shows why he fits in here.

Sister Jane of Perpetual Purring gives Mexico's President Fox some suggestions.

The Abbess of the Priory of Small Princesses has some outstanding photos of the recent flooding in New England. Never boring, indeed!

Carl Morgan, the Grand Almoner of England, has a great list of things he's learned about Internet Marketing and other things as well. I hope he posted this to the Carnival of the Capitalists. Well done!

Our Knight Protector and Defender of Yarn Balls sallies forth with this witty post. Did you try submitting it to the Carnival of Comedy? It's worth it!

Feline Empress Kukka Maria who is also Mother Superior of the Holy Order of Ocean Whitefish describes how her bean teases her unmercifully before finally giving her treats.

Thanks to all of you for you support for the Theocracy. We had a glorious moment this week, described here.

See you next week for another This Week in the Theocracy!


Carl Morgan said...

Hi KT,

Thanks for the mention as always :O)

Cheers... Carl

Ogre said...

I feel like I belong now.


Kukka-Maria said...

While I adore being at the top of the list, I think switching it up is only fair. :)

As long as I know I'm first in your blogging heart...

Thanks for the shout-out again!

Mother Superior