Monday, April 06, 2020

Viral Grudges

China wants to export lots of goods to Britain. They like exporting lots of goods to the US as well.

Boris Johnson, the prime minister, just came down with the Wuhan Flu.

What if, in future trade negotiations, the British take a rather dim view of the bat-eating Chicoms making their prime minister severely ill? What if they are even more nonplussed at having to live in lockdown until the thing is beaten?

What if America feels like that?

If I were a negotiator for the Chicoms, I'd be concerned.

"Today, President Trump named an all-new negotiating team to work with the Chinese on upcoming trade deals ..." 

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ligneus said...

I don't see China recovering from this gi-normous PR disaster for many years and a change in their governing system, in other words, never. OK, there are enough stupid people and stupid governments in the rest of the world that it might not be everyone who doesn't forget.