Sunday, April 05, 2020

Going Old School

... and just doing some photoblogging today. Enjoy!

We saw someone in a unicorn suit at a local Vons the other day. Part of me wanted to laugh, but part of me also wondered if they suffered from a compromised immune system. In any case, I was grateful they decided to be playful and creative.

We've been working on our wing recipes in preparation for parties once this whole lockdown thing is over. Last night, we made a couple of different kinds from Deep South Dish. Check out her link on the sidebar. Her stuff is always fabulous.

This fellow decided to crawl up one of our screen doors and hang out there for a while. He was fifteen inches long and gorgeous. He was outside of the glass door, so we could relax and enjoy him.
Have a great day and stay safe!

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tim eisele said...

I like the suit. And, with the addition of proper filters on the inflation blower, it could actually be a pretty good isolation suit. If nothing else, I bet it made other people give them their 6 feet of space.

My daughter just made one of those "plague doctor" bird-beak masks this past Halloween. Not quite identical to this one, but close:

It looks suitably freakish and menacing. I've been trying to persuade her to wear it in public now. I'm sure it would go over well.

Also - nice lizard!