Friday, April 10, 2020

A Glorious Victory

I installed the cockpit wiring harness in my MGB over the last two days and was rewarded with one of the sweetest sounds ever. Dig this.

I have plenty of cleanup yet to do, but the thing starts with my new setup.

The blue tube-like object is my key. It is a mechanical one, not a wireless one. The two switches are for the accessories and running circuits, respectively. The big blank area is for my radio. It's a tiny, Bluetooth creature with no flange and I haven't yet figured out how to attach it to the console. I'll probably wait for Console Version 2 to do it.

A couple of gadgets on the dash need some debugging, but given my intimate knowledge of the wiring, that should be straightforward. Whether I do those or not, the car is now drivable. I also need to firmly attach the console to the car. It's sitting there loose right now.

Next Time

The next time I do this, I'll install a debug connector under the dash that will give me output from each wire so I can easily trace faults.

I want to redo the center console. I envision a simpler design, one without all the swoopy bends and ridges. I'll put cup holders in it as well.

Finally, if there is a next time, I will check myself into a local sanitarium as soon as I decide to try this insanity again.


Mostly Nothing said...

Car must have been warm to start up so quick. Sounds great.
I'm planning a valve adjustment and carb tuning on mine this weekend. The Weber is running rich.

I saw on Barn Finds or Bring a Trailer, a 1971 B (so they said), with a Rover V8 in it. It had a metal dash, so pre-68. But it had the 68-71 center console that is straight up and down instead of curved. I think that's more the design you would want.
It would mean the tunnel console wouldn't be able to be used.

I'd probably add a courtesy light. and for a little flash, the radio blanking plate MG badge - 472-050 from Moss.

tim eisele said...

Yay! Now you need to go for a drive!

K T Cat said...

Amen to that, Tim. I've had it out on some joy rides while the wiring was a chaotic mess, but it's in a lot better shape now and I could zip around in it without (much) fear.

MN - I did an experiment with cardboard as a fiberglass form. It worked like a charm. For Console V2, I'll make a cardboard form fitted to the dash and the tunnel. You've got the right idea - straight up and down will work for me. Not sure if I'll do the cup holders on the top or over the tunnel. There's not much room there because of the stick.

I'm also going to install a USB charging connector in V2.

I've also considered ditching the radio and going with powered Bluetooth stereo speakers instead. The only thing the radio does for me is act as an amplifier and volume control. I can do that on my phone if the speakers have built-in amps. Dumping the radio will give me plenty of space for cupholders.

Mostly Nothing said...

Interesting. Does Californianhave hands free laws? Adjusting the volume on the phone would be a violation in MN. Not that it is enforced at all.

I have cup holders that sit between the stick and console. Got it from a Moss reseller years ago.

Like the pre-71 console, run frame edge along the sides like 1/2 in raised portion. Providing strength and style.

Foxfier said...


Well done!


If you get a set of bluetooth speakers that have controls on them, you can probably avoid any issues.