Wednesday, December 05, 2018

A Funeral At The House Of Usher

In Chicago over the weekend, I happened to see previous presidents being interviewed on 60 Minutes about President George H. W. Bush's death. It should have been a patriotic moment, but it filled me with revulsion and it took me a while to figure out why.

Well, actually, watching Bill Clinton, that was easy to figure out why. He had assaulted and raped women and was protected by those same creeps on 60 Minutes. Literally in the Oval Office, he had taken advantage of a woman young enough to be his daughter. Meanwhile, Brett Kavanaugh, who by all accounts has lived a righteous life, was torn to shreds by the media types.

Barack Obama, his face permanently tilted upwards in his faux-patrician way, pontificated. Fortunately, the sound was turned down, so I didn't have to listen to him talk about himself which he undoubtedly did. He's nauseating under normal circumstances, so maybe that one was understandable, too.

What really got me was my visceral reaction to the younger President Bush. He looked like a dog rolling around on his back, letting the 60 Minutes cretin rub his tummy. He practically wet himself in ecstasy. The others were being themselves while W ... well, he cavorted with his chums. Oh, sure the CBS news staff poured on the chants of "Racist!" at W while he was in office. Of course they played at Lord Haw Haw while we were fighting in Iraq. That's just what those people did for a living and for W, there were no hard feelings. Hollywood is putting out a film called Vice which is blood libel against Dick Cheney, but hey, what's the big? The 60 Minutes crew is smiling at me and that makes me feel warm and happy inside!

It took me until yesterday to figure out why this made me feel sick to my stomach.

W's supporters, of which I was one, are still under the cosh from the press, academia, Hollywood and their allies. CBS is no friend of mine. They'd love to see me reeducated or simply politically marginalized into irrelevance. Meanwhile, one of our alleged leaders is wriggling in pleasure as the 60 Minutes team whisper sweet nothings at him. It was all lies on their side and all sucking up on his side.

There was something rotten about the whole thing, like a corpse in an Edgar Allen Poe story. Horrific.

Hey, W, have you ever heard of this Kavanaugh guy? Remember what they did to him?

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