Tuesday, August 09, 2022

What If They're Just Stupid?

The Mayor

Mayor Adams of NYC, without a hint of irony, threatened to send a busload of New York City residents into Texas to campaign for Governor Abbot's opponent.

New Yorkers. In Texas. To campaign against the guy Adams wants to see defeated.

He thought about this and everything. It wasn't something he came up with on the spot.

The Administration

Someone, somewhere, decided it would be a good idea to raid President Trump's home looking for ... things. The White House was ready with an ... explanation?

So the FBI raided the former president's home, something unheard of in American history, and they're going to claim it was OK'd by who? A regional manager for the FBI and some mid-level Federal judge?

The Pope

I was reading some prolonged rant from a ultra-traditional Catholic, howling about the way Pope Francis was doing away with the Latin Mass. It was enough to make him lose his faith because God would never allow the Latin Mass to be eliminated out of spite or whatever it was that made the pope go full gunslinger on the trads.

The Answer

There's a much better explanation for all of this.

These people are idiots.

We're all idiots in some way. There's an area where we're just bad at life. These three examples show what happens when you don't know you're an idiot and the people around you are just as stupid as you are.

There's no law of physics that states that the president, the mayor and the pope have to possess an IQ over 105. When you see all three of them step on rakes like this, the simplest explanation is that they're all simple.

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IlĂ­on said...

There is also no law saying that 'idiots' can't simultaneously be wicked.