Friday, August 12, 2022

Twitter Isn't Real Life

 ... and neither is Washington, DC.

Inflation has caused the cost of our remodel to soar. The Fed's response to inflation has whacked our retirement investments. As a result I've had to rethink my full retirement plans, adding at least two more years to my working life.

My "transgender" daughter is spiraling into madness and, with each day on testosterone treatments, probable early cancer if not suicide.

Wife kitteh's childhood friend told me recently that she and her family no longer go down to the Magnificent Mile in Chicago on weekend nights because the crime has gotten so bad. Mostly Nothing has shared similar stories about Minneapolis. San Diego has a weird feel to it now and I lock things up these days in ways I'd never done before. Maybe it's all in my head, a bleed-off of their legitimate worries, but there it is.

Those are three primary issues in my life, right off the top of my head. 

Yesterday, Attorney General Merrick Garland told us that he signed off on a search warrant to raid former President Trump's house, a watershed moment in American history. That's a really bad watershed, in case you were wondering. The reason? Some documents wanted by the National Archives or something and blah blah mumble mumble.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is telling us that, due to fuel price inflation, now is the perfect time to buy an electric car. He says this will help us fight Global Warming Climate Change, which is driven entirely by Chinese pollution.

We've sent something like $40B to Ukraine to assist in its bum fight with Russia. As corrupt as Ukraine is, there's no doubt in my mind that most of it lined the pockets of Ukraine's corrupt and evil oligarchs who are just interior Matryoshka dolls, replicas of the corrupt and evil Russian oligarchs.

Washington DC isn't just out of touch, it's completely detached from our lives. That would be fine if it wasn't simultaneously poking appendages into every aspect of them through regulation and destructive spending.


To make matters worse, rats have ruined one of our watermelons. Oh well, I was able to harvest four others. That ought to be enough for a couple of bottles of wine.

I'm happy they concentrated on this one instead of sampling them all.


tim eisele said...

Wow, the rats did a really impressive job on that watermelon. Given how dry it is in San Diego, I wonder if they were mainly after the water in it?

I suppose that if you put out a rat-waterer to keep them from getting thirsty enough to go after your watermelons, the neighbors might complain about "encouraging vermin" if they found out about it.

WC Varones said...

I was wondering about your remodel. I'm afraid to get a bid for any project now.

Ilíon said...

Poor melon!