Sunday, August 28, 2022

How To Earn More Money

 Be sane.

In a nation increasingly peopled by crazies who think women can become men and emotional toddlers who can't handle bad words like misgendering someone, the stable, competent, rational person is becoming more valuable.

At work, someone asked for a transgender flag emoji on our chat system. I pushed back on it, saying we don't like to put political content on our internal, social network. Almost immediately, a reply came back in all caps, informing me that I was DENYING THEIR EXISTENCE. It was shocking.

In retrospect and now having grasped the mechanisms of our descent into cultural insanity where feelings trump objective reality, I now see this differently. Coworkers who are unstable to the point of YELLING when someone disagrees with them, STEM professionals who prefer emotions to logic, are worth less to the organization than those who get along with others and do solid work.

One way to look at the toddlerization of STEM is to see it as a competition-removal mechanism. Less competition means more money for those who practice logic and classical science and engineering.

Work still needs to get done, real work. Customers will pay for that. The more gender-affirming, racial-justice loons are out there, the better the rest of us will be paid.

Fellow San Diegan and longtime friend, Leslie Eastman, posted this excellent essay describing Scientific American's latest foray into bedlam. Here's a tidbit.

Without the scientific background, there isn’t the experience to know when to research and find alternative sources with different data. Take, for example, the documentary’s assertion that the number of intersex people is 1.7%. According to the Journal of Sex Research, that number is a little high (emphasis mine).

Anne Fausto-Sterling s suggestion that the prevalence of intersex might be as high as 1.7% has attracted wide attention in both the scholarly press and the popular media. Many reviewers are not aware that this figure includes conditions which most clinicians do not recognize as intersex, such as Klinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, and late-onset adrenal hyperplasia. If the term intersex is to retain any meaning, the term should be restricted to those conditions in which chromosomal sex is inconsistent with phenotypic sex, or in which the phenotype is not classifiable as either male or female. Applying this more precise definition, the true prevalence of intersex is seen to be about 0.018%, almost 100 times lower than Fausto-Sterling s estimate of 1.7%.

So your calculations are off by a factor of 100? No big deal! You're affirming someone's delusions and that's what counts.

Until you need a bridge built or a chemical compound developed. Then you will pay handsomely for it.

Totally unrelated: Saturdays are for parties. Sundays are for cleaning up after them. It's just science.

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