Saturday, August 20, 2022

If You Think You're A Bird

 ... then it is a sin if I don't affirm you.

Thanks to WC Varones, I devoured The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self: Cultural Amnesia, Expressive Individualism, and the Road to Sexual Revolution by Carl Trueman, It's taken me a while to digest it. WC was nice enough to invite me to his protestant men's group where we discussed this book. While I sat with them, deciding just what size stake each will be tied to when we Catholics have our massive auto da fe, I gained a better understanding of what Trueman was saying.

This is an extension of KT's Theory of Eveything.

You Think You're A Bird

You think you're a bird. These days, you're going to the gym and focusing on your arms and chest. You are also sewing a bird costume, complete with feathers and wings. You have reserved space on the roof of a local, 5-story building for a year from now when you will fully embrace your birdness. Then and there, you will don your bird costume and jump off the roof, flapping your wings. Since you identify as a bird, you will fly off into the sky and finally live as your authentic self.

What Is Sin?

If I point out that you are going to fall to the ground and die, that is a sin. It is a sin to not affirm your feelings. It is likewise a sin if I shrug and say, "Whatever, man. Do what you want, but don't bother me." 

Sin is the failure to affirm the "lived experiences" of a member of a "marginalized community."

"Marginalized Communities"

"Marginalized communities" are just a new way of packaging Marxism. The world consists of oppressors and oppressed. These groups are easily classified.

Marx said it was owners oppressing workers.

Hitler said it was Jews oppressing Germans.

Juan Peron of Argentina said it was rich oppressing poor.


And that's it. Our modern ethical system is little more than that. Members of "marginalized communities" must have their "lived experiences" affirmed. The real effects of their actions are tertiary, at best.

This is why we put on our kente cloths and kneel before black people, but shrug when they kill each other, either in the womb or in the streets. This is why we refuse to say the Monkey Pox is pretty much confined to gay men and could be stopped by eliminating their orgies. This is why we use a trans person's chosen pronouns and silence any of them who de-transition and want to tell their horror stories.

Things have started to make a lot more sense to me now.

It is a sin to not affirm the "lived experiences" of black people.

It is not a sin for them to kill half of their babies through abortion.


Ohioan@Heart said...

The biggest problems with your “You are a bird” analogy is that in today’s insanity you MUST accompany the bird onto roof and jump on their back to enjoy the ride (and compliment them on the beautiful view and the cooling breeze as you fall). Also the ‘bird’ won’t make a costume, they will insist on (government provided) species confirming surgery where feathers will be implanted into their body. Anything less would be to deny their ‘birdness’ and thereby damage them by continuing to ‘do violence’ to them.

K T Cat said...

I admit it. I'm an transavianophobe.

Ohioan@Heart said...

I assume you saw this…

K T Cat said...

Yes, that's where I got my analogy. The book provided the theoretical basis.

Ilíon said...

Recently, I saw a clip on a podcast of that arch-Catholic ;), Matt Walsh, which originated from the Audubon Society. It featured some tranny-freak in a bird costume doing some weird interpretive dance.

K T Cat said...

Ilion, SBG for life. ;-)

Ilíon said...

==SBG for life. ;-)==

I forgot to mention his incipient theocratic dictatorship.