Thursday, June 30, 2022

The Crops Are Coming In Nicely

This year's plan to make watermelon wine is already ahead of last year's, if for no other reason than we have at least one watermelon on the vine.

Because I dropped the seed tray and got them all jumbled up back when they were tiny, I don't know if this is a Nancy or a Stone Mountain. I think we'll be able to figure it out when it matures.

The tobacco needs to be planted, but since we're moving in about 4 weeks in order to make way for a remodel, I'm going to put them in 1-gallon pots and then hastily build some raised beds for them as soon as we get to the other house.

I think I've got 24 sprouts. Actually it's 24 cells with sprouts. Some of them are doubled or tripled up, but I've decided to just let them grow in a big mob. After all, the only thing I want are the leaves.

You Need A Working Hypothesis

... otherwise, how do you know what experiments to conduct?

That's what I was trying to get at with the previous post. It's all well and good to point out the shortcomings of someone else's hypothesis, but if you don't have one of your own to propose, you're just an irritant, a sniper.


tim eisele said...

That's a very pretty little watermelon. I don't have a good sense of scale here, is it something the size of a golf ball, or more like a softball?

As for the note about not nitpicking hypotheses unless the nitpicker has something better to offer, I don't know about that. If a hypothesis either doesn't agree with reality, or doesn't allow you to actually reach useful conclusions about how things work and what should be done, then it is no better than nothing. At the very least you want to make sure that yours isn't one of those.

IlĂ­on said...

I agree with Tim on the "You can't criticize my hypothesis unless you have a better" thing.