Saturday, June 25, 2022

Show Me. State

 ... why I should agree with you. Calling me a homophobic, racist fascist probably won't be a good opening line.

The SCOTUS ruling on abortion changes the game significantly. Now if the pro-aborts want the Constitution to preserve a woman's right to killing babies, they're going to have to convince a large number of pro-lifers to vote their way. Constitutional amendments are difficult on purpose and require a two-thirds vote at the state level and then at the congressional level.

The people of Missouri, for example, where abortion has been significantly restricted following the ruling, are good prospects for conversion and their conversion would go a long way towards getting such an amendment passed.

As an old salesman, marketer and general nuisance, I'd like to suggest that these two images won't be ... what is the word for it? ... ah, here it is: helpful.

This is an article in the left-wing magazine, The Nation.

At a protest outside Amy Coney Barrett's house, young women held plastic baby dolls and  had red stains coming out of their crotches while brandishing a sign demanding abortions.

If I was a pro-lifer, I'd save those images plus hundreds more similar ones and throw them all over the place whenever the topic arose.

All of the screaming and hysterics and name-calling is making the left's job harder. If they want their way, they'll need to convince us. It's kind of hard to convince someone whom you've just called a hateful bigot.

For that reason, I think this decision might lead to less anger. Of course, such a development would require people to understand the amendment process. Given the state of our education system, that seems to be the hardest part of it all.

Bonus Take

Thanks to the SCOTUS ruling, my opinion now matters to the pro-abort crowd. I kind of like that.

Do you think that's what is really driving them insane? That they can't just scream that I'm a white supremacist and still get what they want?


tim eisele said...

The think is, I'm not sure that in most places it will really end up making much practical difference to people's actual lives. In places where abortion clinics currently exist in large enough numbers to have an impact, it is likely to stay legal. And in places where it is, or will soon be, banned, it is already effectively not an option. For example, as far as I can tell, up here in the UP of Michigan there do not actually exist any abortion clinics (or at least none that advertise). The nearest place that does have abortion clinics looks to be Milwaukee, which is 350 miles away and in another state. And, as we found out 15 years ago during my wife's ectopic pregnancy, the local doctors are not particularly keen on performing even a medically necessary abortion until the woman's death is imminent (which is why she ended up in emergency surgery at midnight).

I think the main effect is going to be on politics. I predict that it may still be an issue for the election this fall, and maybe a minor issue in the next presidential election, but after that it will drop down to a strictly local question and pretty much be forgotten by the national parties. At which point, the Democrats and Republicans are going to be scrambling for a new "wedge issue" that they can use to stake out a big swatch of the electorate without any significant effort on their part.

K T Cat said...

I'm really sorry for your wife's travails. That's no joke.

I'm not sure how any of this will end. Everything is so weird right now. I'm sure that you're right in that the donor emails are enough to eclipse the sun as they race through the ether, but as bad as other, more pressing things are, I don't think it makes much of a political difference.

What I'm interested in seeing is how it changes the relations between the sexes. Is Taniqua, living in Montgomery, where abortions are now effectively illegal, going to give in to Ledavion or will there be a return to more restrained courting? It's all well and good for the girls working for Google to get their all-expenses paid trip to the drain-cleaning service so they can come back and work for The Man, but what about the girls who work at the Dollar General or don't work at all?