Friday, December 01, 2017

Men And Women Need Each Other

... because if not, then we must be competitive or antagonistic, right?

As I watch Pervageddon sweep through the arts, the media and politics, I keep being reminded of  St. Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body - that men and women are complimentary and that we were designed by God to need each other.

As I watch the reactions on social media and in the news, that message is lost. Instead, it's all retribution and how we have to change our behaviors because men are pigs. I agree with the idea, but not the with prescriptions that seem to be anti-masculinity and anti-men instead of positively stating how we were made for each other and how sexual harassment and assault are hideous perversions of our divine purposes.

From this point, I think of a CD I listened to a while back, 5 Things Women Need To Know About Men. I don't remember the last two because the first three were enough for me. Here's what the author said men need from women (read: wives), with which I agree.
  1. Respect
  2. Admiration
  3. A physical relationship
When I see all the "toxic masculinity" nonsense and claims that men need to be re-trained to not be so, well, male, I see the first two elements wiped out. With porn available almost everywhere, the third gets wiped out as well. If those three things are either negated or fulfilled by something other than a woman (wife), where does that leave us?



ligneus said...

The best little piece of common sense I heard on what a man wants/needs from a woman is for her to be nice to him. Of course that too is swamped and swept out to sea by the current ideological idiocy of the progs. Works both ways too doesn't it?

K T Cat said...

Exactly. If you want a prescription for a generation of lonely women and shallow, unfulfilled men, we're writing it now.

The CD said that it's more important for a man to be complimented for what he does than to hear his woman say, "I love you." Every man I've asked about this has agreed. I love it when my wife says she's proud of me. I like to be told that she loves me, too, but the pride thing is much better.