Sunday, December 31, 2017

Dogs Of The Apaches

... which was also known as Badlands of Tierrasanta was an obscure, 1950s, B-grade western. In it, the straight-shooting Marshall John Cullen rides into Apache country, looking for a fugitive gunslinger. The film is only known for one bit of dialog, given below. John's deputy, the hot-headed Steve McGregor, spots an Apache Chihuahua running through the brush. Thinking the dog is on the trail of the killer, Steve wants to rush after it, but John knows it's probably a trap. After all, where you see one Chihuahua, there are probably a dozen more, waiting in ambush.

"Don't do it, Steve. Only a fool would take on a Chihuahua out here. They know this country like the backs of their hands."
"Paws, Marshall. Paws."
"Good idea. We'll pause to get our bearings."
"No, I meant paws as in feet. They know this country like the backs of their paws. Chihuahuas don't have hands."
"Oh, shut up."


ligneus said...

This post has gone out to all my friends, love it!

K T Cat said...

LOL! Love it. Have a very happy New Year!