Saturday, December 30, 2017

I Married Well

My wife and I are both crazed papists. Catholicism informs almost all we do. In the last week, I watched my wife show kindness, forgiveness, mercy and charity to someone who needed it, but had not been all that kind to her in the past. The recipient was a good person who had fallen on hard times and their negative reactions to my wife were a feature of circumstances and not an ill disposition.

In any case, I saw a woman who strives daily to be Christian in all she does do just that, in spades. The end result was warmth and happiness, as much as could be expected.

The analogy that just came to mind was that of ripples radiating out from a full-immersion baptism. By bathing herself in her faith, how she chose to live each day of her life had beautiful effects on people around her. A casual observer might not have made the connection, but I know her pretty well and what motivated her love.

Like my post about the drinks, I'll explain more at another time.

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